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Enjoy all life’s adventures with a dog who makes you proud, wherever you go

WelcomeThis is dog training, but not as you know it!

At East Coast Dog Training, we make dog training simple, effective and fun for both ends of the lead. Get your boots on and get ready to train in a variety of environments because we’re going to teach your dog to behave beautifully everywhere.

Our training class venues offer us real-life training with real-life distractions. You’ll encounter all the things you do on your walks – other dogs, people, other animals, all weather conditions and all terrains. So your dog can master listening to you, no matter what’s going on around them.

Whether you have a problem with your dog or a new puppy who needs puppy training classes, it’s going to be a breeze with a supportive, positive dog trainer at your side!

It’ll also be a bit of a laugh – because who wants to keep doing something that isn’t fun?!





East Coast Dog Training Becky Milne

About Us

Hi, I’m Becky, your down to earth, supportive dog trainer. And I’m going to show you a whole lot more than just how to teach your dog new behaviours.

Do you want

  • an incredible relationship with your dog?
  • to feel proud of your dog wherever you go together?
  • to never second guess yourself again when it comes to your dog?
My goal is to help you achieve all that and more through dog training founded on mutual trust, understanding and fun!

Ready to start a new adventurewith your dog and grow your bond?

Motivational training both you and your dog will love

What can I say? Becky is truly fantastic – sharing positive, motivational training techniques that both you & your dog will love.

Everything learnt in class has a practical application in the real world.

Not only does Becky walk you step by step through all the initial puppy stages & possible behavioural issues, but she also covers the basics of grooming, nail clipping, diet & lots more!

Dexter & I had a ball, learnt loads & laughed a lot! Think we’re going to be a bit lost on Thursday evenings now

Kim McFarlane

dog training Musselburgh Newhailes Portobello Tranent Prestonpans Haddington Yellowcraig North Berwick Dunbar

Areas Covered:

Musselburgh, Newhailes, Portobello, Tranent, Prestonpans, Haddington, Yellowcraig, North Berwick, Dunbar

Eve Smith
Eve Smith
Willow came on leaps and bounds with the training classes from Becky, especially walking on her leash and recall, we learnt so much and so glad we booked into do these classes
Sharon Young
Sharon Young
We have just completed our second course of classes with our teenage flattie Polly. Becky has been brilliant as a trainer. She is so knowledgeable about dogs behaviour and their interpretation of our behaviour which has been fascinating , and which make so much sense once you think about it. She is endlessly patient with the dogs' humans and explains things in such a clear way... no question is ever too silly. And she is great fun and keeps the classes very relaxed though still very focused. The on-line videos and tips are really helpful for practising training and indeed the Zoom sessions at the beginning are a great introduction. I would certainly highly recommend her and look forward to seeing her I am sure we will need to at some stage!
Janet Baxter
Janet Baxter
Brilliant recall course, full of practical info to do with your dog. I hadn't done anything since my dog was a puppy so this course was fab to help with new ideas - games with food/toys and using a long line. Becky is fab & very supportive. It was great to get the emails too that detailed everything we did. I'd highly recommend this course. Ava (my dog) got a lovely goody bag at the end too - she loved it & that was a nice surprise. Thank you Becky!
Jane Stewart
Jane Stewart
Fantastic advice and support from Becky. She has so much knowledge and experience. I felt terrible having relaxed too much with Oly and needed to go back for advice. I only got support - never any blame. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Grace Mackenzie
Grace Mackenzie
I cannot rate Becky highly enough. Quite simply, the dogs and dog owners of East Lothian are blessed to have such a knowledgeable, caring and professional dog trainer in the area. Becky has been involved with dogs for such a long time and from the first moment of meeting her it was absolutely clear that they are her passion. Becky has seen methods of training come and go and as such, is able to articulate the ‘why’ behind each step in her learning, which really helps you to understand your dog. Behind the scenes, she is organised and provided a highly professional service. Her communications are always timely and she is good to her word that she will get back to you with any questions. It is really reassuring to have that support, whether it is about training or food or neutering. The zoom sessions are brilliant - they allowed us to focus on the learning without any distractions. The quality of the content is high and Becky provided ‘cheat sheets’ for after the lesson as well as access to the video to replay if needed. This really helps keep momentum up. We’ve enjoyed meeting Becky and have signed up for various different sessions. She is a kind, positive and patient trainer with a cracking sense of humour. 10/10 recommend 🙌🏻
Carol Bathgate
Carol Bathgate
Becky is definitely a 5 star trainer. There's not a single thing she doesn't know about dogs.
Susan W.
Susan W.
I was recommended by many people to go Becky and her training. She has a great reputation in the area and I now know why. The training (first time dog owner) is great, fun and has a huge impact on my puppy. We have had such a good experience we are signing up for more of her classes as the puppy grows. She was even kind enough to help me when I sent some (slightly panicked) messages at random times of day looking for advice and help. She uses all sorts of media to help. Zoom meetings, social media chats and videos, an app and of course fun real life sessions. Highly recommend. What a gem she is.
David Clark
David Clark
Becky is a really enthusiastic, knowledgeable trainer who has helped us get more out of having our pup. We enjoyed the course so much we have signed up for extra training.
Pamela Mitchell
Pamela Mitchell
Becky is great at adapting the training to suit exactly what you need to learn to help your dog thrive in her classes! An amazing trainer! She has given me the confidence to start having fun on our walks again!
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