Practical dog training that’ll make you feel proud

When you truly understand your dog, training’s easy

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You thought owning a dog would be awesome. You imagined long walks together, evenings snuggled on the sofa, and everything being unicorns and rainbows!

And it is pretty amazing. But there are just some things that you can’t seem to fix, no matter how hard you try.

Hours spent watching YouTube videos and posting in Facebook groups just isn’t cutting it…. You need a professional dog trainer to get you on the straight and narrow!

Let me share a secret with you

Dog training is just half of the picture. The real magic happens when you deeply understand your dog. When you make sense of how they learn and what they’re telling you, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to train your dog to behave beautifully!

YouTube videos can’t tell you that you’re delivering the treat at the wrong moment, and that’s why it’s not working
Facebook friends can’t see that your dog’s already in the red zone and not cognitively capable of learning anything in that moment
Books can’t help you see the subtle shifts in your dog’s body language that tell you everything you need to know
Auntie Betty doesn’t know that your dog doesn’t find the treats that motivating, but there’s something else that will work better

When you choose to work with a professional dog trainer, you’re accessing decades of experience, knowledge and tips that’ll fast track your training no end. 

Practical, supportive advice + a big dollop of humour = relief

Such a difference, in such a short time!

We are so beyond grateful for everything you’ve done to help us with Jynx, thank you!! Couldn’t have done it without you, such a difference in such a short time!

– Leigh Anderson

What happens at dog training class?

dog training in real life situations

Our 6 week dog training classes are held outdoors, where you’ll encounter real-life distractions like other people, dogs, other animals and all weathers!

You’ll both not only learn new skills, but you’ll become experts at putting them into practice no matter what’s going on around you.

We start with two online training classes via Zoom, so you can master your new skills without distractions before we take it to the next level.

Learn how to

teach and improve recall, so you can enjoy off lead walks without the stress
master loose lead training so that walks are a pleasure, not a chore
get your dog’s focus and attention, even around distractions
get your dog to switch off and calm the pup down when you need them to
stop your dog jumping all over people so you can ditch all the apologies
And much, much more!

Experience comprehensive dog training for only £150

These classes are not suitable if your dog struggles around other dogs, barks or lunges. If your dog finds unknown dogs tricky, please book a call, and we’ll get you sorted!

dog training classes Musselburgh Newhailes Portobello Tranent Prestonpans Haddington Yellowcraig North Berwick Dunbar

Where are dog training classes held?

Musselburgh Lagoons:

Monday evenings (May – August)
Saturday mornings (September – March)

Yellowcraig Beach:

Wednesday evenings (May – August)
Sunday mornings (September – March)

What you get

Instant access to your 90 minute dog deep dive session

Bursting with practical hints & tips to deal with everything dog.

Here you will unlock the secrets that allow you to understand your dog, which will make getting the behaviour you desire a whole lot easier

Easy to follow tutorial videos

You’ll receive short and snappy training tutorials so you can practice your new dog training skills without distractions, ready to rock up to group class feeling confident

Six group classes to progress your dog’s training in the real world

This is where the fun starts! The first two are via Zoom so that you can start your training without distractions. Then we move to outdoor dog training classes, where you will progress your new skills in the real world. (distractions included!)

Cheatsheets to keep you on track

Easy to refer to handouts that make it easy for you to remember what to do and how to do it, so you don’t need to try and hold it all in your head!

Your dog trainer on tap throughout (that’s me!)

You’ll have access to me to ask questions and get advice between your weekly classes, so you’ll not have to wait until our next session before you can get help. Together we’ll nip any problems in the bud before they grow.

A friendly Facebook community for support

Our private Facebook community is full of incredible dog owners just like you! Access live Q&As, friendly local dog owners and a place to shamelessly share your puppy pics!

Graduation goodie bag

You’re going to graduate, it’s a safe bet! And when you do, your pup will be rewarded with a goodie bag full of stuff that’ll make their tail wag.

Transform your dog into the ultimate companion for just £150!

She gave us 100%

Becky has produced a truly comprehensive course which is clear and well researched. The zoom meetings were good and helped to reinforce the lessons sent to prepare for each class. The outside classes were also excellent.

I am booked for the next set of classes and would thoroughly recommend Becky.

– Sarah Cay

one to one dog training Musselburgh Newhailes Portobello Tranent Prestonpans Haddington Yellowcraig North Berwick Dunbar

1-2-1 Dog Training

If you can’t make classes or you just need help with a single issue, our 1-2-1 dog training is what you need! Together we’ll work on whatever’s brought you looking for help, so you can solve your problems and get back to enjoying life with your dog.

I will either come to your home, or we’ll meet at an arranged location and tailor a training plan to suit your needs.

1-2-1’s are £90 for a 60-90mins session and include follow up notes plus email/phone support to help you progress your training and get help with any problems that crop up.

Travelling charges may apply.

loose lead walking

Loose Lead Walking and Recall Training

The most common issues that owners come to me with are recall training and stopping your dog pulling on the lead.

We have classes designed specifically to focus on this, so you can crack it, solve it and enjoy your walks together once and for all!