Online Dog Training Courses

Having a well-trained dog who makes you proud isn’t so far fetched!

Train your puppy or dog at home with our online dog training courses.

Our self-paced online courses don’t just teach you how to train your dog, they are designed to help you to create an amazing and strong relationship with your dog through building trust and understanding.

Get instant access to our online training courses bursting with a ton of vital information, all broken down into manageable steps that are easy to put into practice.

Positive, Ethical & Effective

Broken down into simple steps

Train your dog at home

Bolstered with an online support group

puppy preparation webinar east coast dog training

Puppy Preparation Webinar

Start before you even bring your puppy home

Bringing a puppy into the family is a big decision. It’s exciting, and just a little bit daunting! Get prepared with this new puppy training course and make things easier on yourself.

This winning webinar is brimming with over 2 hours of vital information to make sure you start off on the right paw.


  • puppy-proofing your home
  • pup’s first journey home
  • puppy’s first 48 hours with you
  • crate training
  • biting, nipping & stealing
  • socialisation before jabs
  • toilet training
  • and much, much more

Prepare for bringing your new puppy home, and feel confident you understand your new best bud from the very start.

Was £30 NOW only £24!

online dog training

Puppy Training Course

Suitable for puppies aged 10-20 weeks

Our Puppy Paradox course gives you instant access to everything you need to train your puppy to be an absolute superstar!


  • puppy biting, nipping & stealing solved!
  • proper puppy socialisation so your pup has impressive manners
  • training a rocket recall so you can relax on walks together
  • loose lead training so that every walk’s a joy
  • teaching focus even around distractions
  • functional trick training that helps in everyday life
  • teaching your pup to settle and relax
  • puppy communication so you understand each other
  • handling and husbandry skills for easy vet visits and grooming
  • and so much more

You will discover how your pup thinks & learns so you can raise a confident and happy adult dog.

Was £79 NOW only £54!

Your dog's development stages demystified

The webinar every dog owner needs to see

This 90 minute webinar walks you through every stage of your dog’s development from birth to their golden years.

Whatever phase of the journey you’re in, you’ll unlock unparalleled understanding of your dog’s needs and what’s beneath their sometimes tricky behaviour!

We cover how to:

  • Socialise your puppy properly
  • Support your puppy through fear periods
  • Prevent reactivity developing
  • Navigate the teens (spoiler alert: they’re the hardest part of dog ownership!)
  • Understand your dog’s behaviour changes as they enter adulthood
  • Take care of your senior dog through body and health changes

For just £10, you’ll have lifetime access to this insightful webinar that you’ll return to for years to come.

Calm yer beans online dog impulse control course

Calm Yer Beans (Impulse control training)

Is your dog full of beans and a wee bit prone to jumping up, stealing things and running off after whatever takes their fancy?!

Teach your dog to be a self control maestro with this fun and easy games based training course that’s full of short exercises you can do in minutes.

We’ll teach your dog to::

  • control their thieving impulses – no more snatching or stealing!
  • patiently wait – knowing the best things will follow
  • steadily stay – until you release them for fun
  • reliably leave things that aren’t theirs for the taking
  • seek permission before rushing off
  • keep close (even when their off lead)

Through the power of fun games, we’ll teach your dog to listen, pay attention and you’ll both feel pretty darn good about it!

Get instant, lifetime access for just £29

quotes gry

Fantastic online training course!

The online training course has been fantastic. Becky has sent us weekly videos so we can train our dog effectively.

Becky is so knowledgeable and clearly loves dogs. I’ve had a few issues with my puppy where I’ve not been sure what to do in certain situations, so I’ve emailed Becky. She has got back to me immediately and given me very good, practical advice that has worked every time.

I would highly recommend this course particularly if you’re a first-time puppy owner.

– Cheryl Hutchison

Absolutely amazing!

I cannot recommend Becky highly enough. She is absolutely amazing. Her training methods are happy, reward-based and fun for you and your dog. She has helped me with my own dogs and many of my client’s dogs and I recommend her to everyone.

Her beliefs and ethics are the same as my own, being force-free, reward-based, fun, and safe for the dogs. I truly couldn’t find or recommend a better trainer or person.

– Gabrielle Bonar

A great way of explaining things!

There is nothing that Becky doesn’t know about dogs! She is so knowledgeable and has a great way of explaining things that resonate.

Finlay and I not only learned a lot but we also enjoyed the classes which is so important. Becky is also very helpful with matter outwith the class. Highly recommended.

– J C

Incredible helpful, simple and understandable

Highly recommend East Coast Dog Training. Becky is very experienced and breaks things down very well so that they are simple and understandable.

She has been incredibly helpful for me and my rescue. From the first phonecall, she was incredibly generous with her time even though I know she was very busy.

She loves dogs, loves to share her knowledge and help everyone to have better relationships with their dogs. Thank you Becky!

– Hannah Wright

Online Dog Training Courses

online dog training courses

Dog Training Course

For dogs 6 months+

Dog Paradox is the online training course for you if you’re struggling with recall, loose lead walking or getting your dog’s attention around distractions.


  • teach and improve recall, so you can enjoy off lead walks without the stress
  • master loose lead training so that walks are a pleasure, not a chore
  • using a long lead safely, and avoid tangles and injury
  • teaching leave the easy way, so you can quickly get things back without a fuss
  • use toys as a reward and making play a useful part of your training
  • get your dog’s focus and attention, even around distractions
  • teach functional tricks that are useful in everyday life
  • get your dog to switch off and calm the pup down when you need them to
  • stop your dog jumping all over people so you can ditch all the apologies
  • what your dog’s body language is telling you, so you can predict what’s coming
  • handling and husbandry skills, so your pup is a pro at the vets and groomers
  • and much, much more!

Access practical dog training that’s easy to follow, combined with an epic new understanding of your dog and unlock their full potential.

Was £79 NOW only £54!

Tackle all of life’s adventures together, safe in the knowledge your dog will listen to you!