How to teach your dog to play dead in 6 quick steps

how to teach your dog to play dead

Teaching your dog new tricks is a great way to spend time together, burn your dog’s mental energy and impress your friends!

Learn how to teach your dog to play dead in 6 easy steps with this how to guide (plus video tutorial). 

My dog Neville doesn’t know this trick, so you’ll get a realistic insight into what it looks like when you first start teaching your dog to play dead. 

How to teach your dog to play dead

What you need to start: 

  • Some yummy treats
  • Enough space for your dog to lay down
  • Your dog will need to know the cue lay down to begin learning this trick. 

Step 1: Ask your dog to lie down, then take a treat in your hand and hold it by your dog’s nose. Move your hand out to the side and lure your dog round to lie on their side. 

Step 2: Once your dog is on their side, release the treat and reward your dog

Step 3: Encourage your dog to stay on their side by rewarding them with treats between their paws, as long as they stay in position 

Step 4: Encourage your dog to get up and repeat steps one and two

Step 5: Introduce your cue – for example, ‘play dead,’ ‘bang, or ‘dead’

Step 6: Now practise without the treat lure! Without a treat in your hand, lure your dog onto their side and reward with treats as before, but from your other hand

Teaching a new trick takes time, patience and practise! Keep your training sessions short and your dog will soon get the hang of this ace party trick. Then you’ll be ready to show it off to all your pals! 

Learn how to teach your dog to lie down here.

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