Recall training that delivers a rocket recall, every time

Unlock your dog’s faultless desire to come back when called in just 4 weeks

rocket recall for teenage tearaway dogs

Dog training should be fun for both of you, but if your dog suffers from selective hearing or a desire to go their own way, then walks may be becoming a wee bit stressful.

Does your dog think that

  • other dogs are way more fun?
  • scents and smells are much more appealing than coming back?
  • squirrels and birds make the perfect ‘chase me’ pals
  • playing ‘catch me’ at the end of a walk is the best game EVER?!
  • that running free and far away is the best thing in the world?

You need our teenage tearaway class, our recall class for dogs aged 5 months old and above.

Achieve rocket recall with your teen or older dog, so you can confidently let your dog off the lead, full of faith that they’ll come back when called… in an instant!

Lose the fear and feel full of confidence for just £100

Increase Engagement

Boost Motivation

Get Rocket Recall

Rocket Recall Training for Teenage Tearaways

east coast dog training rocket recall
In this four week blended class, you’ll unlock the secrets to confidently let your dog off lead, safe in the knowledge they’ll return the moment you call them. Each and every time.

Sound like a dream? I’ve never had a dog fail to pass this recall course with flying colours!

Whether your dog loses their mind when they see people or other dogs, or they run off, nose down after scents, birds or squirrels, this is for you.

You will learn

what recall means to both ends of the lead
to create a great connection so your dog values being close
how to increase focus so you can get your dog’s attention anytime
to boost engagement so that being close is fun
what floats YOUR dog’s boat so we get those rocket recalls

So your dog will come when called every time you call

Four group classes
To lay strong foundations the first 2 are in the comfort of your own home via Zoom.
The remaining sessions are held outdoors for real-world training.

Unleash your dog’s full potential for just £100!
dog recall training

What you get

Training Tutorial Videos

Short, easy to follow training videos bursting with practical hints & tips to supercharge your recall.

Access recall training games, impulse control and discover how your dog learns so you can make training easy.

Four group classes to take you from stressed to confident

This is where the fun starts! The first two are via Zoom, so you can start your training without distractions.

Then we move to outdoor recall classes, where you will progress your training in the real world. (distractions included!)

Recordings of your Zoom sessions

Watch them back and share them with other family members, so everyone can enjoy a rocket recall with your dog.

Cheatsheets to keep you on track

Easy to refer to handouts that make it easy for you to remember what to do and how to do it. Perfect for sharing with other family members and caregivers

Your dog trainer on tap throughout (that’s me!)

You’ll have access to me to ask questions and get advice between your weekly classes, so you’ll not have to wait until our next session before you can get help. Together we’ll problem solve and keep your training on track.

A friendly Facebook community for support

Our private Facebook community is full of incredible dog owners just like you! Access live Q&As, friendly local dog owners and a place to shamelessly share your puppy pics!

Graduation goodie bag

You’re going to graduate, it’s a safe bet! And when you do, your pup will be rewarded with a goodie bag full of stuff that’ll make their tail wag.

Eliminate the stress of recall training for just £100!

The results we’re seeing really are amazing!

Cannot recommend Becky enough – we’ve completed two of Becky’s classes with our anxious yet excitable 1 year old Labrador. We have done her lead walking class and recall class and we honestly have seen such huge improvements!

Becky really knows her stuff, goes into the mechanics of dogs and their genetic makeup and breaks everything down into simple manageable steps.

She is super approachable, always on hand to help and you can tell how passionate she is about helping dogs and their owners. She’s also given us a lot of ad hoc advice and guidance with our dog and the results we are seeing really are amazing.

Highly recommend Becky and her services!

– Joanna Garvie and Alfie