Loose lead training for dogs who pull

Make your walks a pleasure, not a chore!

east coast dog training loose lead walking
Do you feel like you’ve tried everything, but your dog still pulls on the lead?

Tired of being dragged down the street and having your arm pulled out of your socket?

Having a dog who pulls on the lead when you’re on a walk can be a horrible experience. It can be dangerous, stressful, and you feel like you’ve visited the gym instead of just taken your dog for a walk.

Ultimately you may end up not wanting to take your dog for a walk at all.

You need Who’s Walking Who?! Our 4 week loose lead walking training course that’ll unlock the secrets to getting your dog to walk nicely, so you can enjoy your walks together stress-free.

Relieve Tension

Increase Focus

Walk Together

Teach your dog to slow down and walk at your pace for just £100

Loose Lead Training Course

loose lead training for dogs who pull

This 4 week blended course gives you all the tools to help you to teach your dog to walk well on a lead. We break everything down so you know why your dog pulls and the best way to stop it.

You don’t need ‘no-pull’ harnesses or training equipment, you need a helping hand to teach your dog that pulling gets them nowhere fast!

You will learn

  • why ‘no pull’ dog walking kit doesn’t work
  • how to get your dog to check in with you on the move
  • how to create an awesome connection with your dog, so they want to stay close
  • to progress your cracking loose lead walking even around distractions
  • fun games that power up your loose lead training

So you can finally walk your dog without feeling out of control

Four group classes
To lay strong foundations the first 2 are in the comfort of your own home via Zoom. The remaining sessions are held outdoors for real-world training

The best bit? No finding extra time for training!
Once you’ve nailed the foundations, your loose lead training can be done on the walks you’re doing already. Just set aside 5-10 minutes on your dog walk to practice.

Enjoy stress-free walks with your dog for just £100
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What you get

Training Tutorial Videos

Short, easy to follow training videos bursting with practical hints & tips to fast track your loose lead walking skills

Four group classes to take you from frazzled to feeling in control

This is where the fun starts! The first two are via Zoom, so you can start your training without distractions. Then we move to outdoor loose lead walking classes, where you will progress your training in the real world. (distractions included!)

Recordings of your Zoom sessions

Watch them back and share them with other family members, so everyone can enjoy a rocket recall with your dog.

Cheatsheets to keep you on track

Easy to refer to handouts that make it easy for you to remember what to do and how to do it. Perfect for sharing with other family members and caregivers

Your dog trainer on tap throughout (that’s me!)

You’ll have access to me to ask questions and get advice between your weekly classes, so you’ll not have to wait until our next session before you can get help. Together we’ll problem solve and keep your training on track.

A friendly Facebook community for support

Our private Facebook community is full of incredible dog owners just like you! Access live Q&As, friendly local dog owners and a place to share videos of your awesome lead walking progress!

Graduation goodie bag

You’re going to graduate, it’s a safe bet! And when you do, your pup will be rewarded with a goodie bag full of stuff that’ll make their tail wag.

Say goodbye to pulling and hello to a relaxed walk for just £100!

Straightforward and Easy to follow!

We finished our training course yesterday. The weekly videos were very straightforward and easy to follow and it was great having the chance to practice before the group online meeting each week.

Maisie has come on really well with her recall and loose lead walking throughout the course and learned a few new tricks.

We have enjoyed it just as much as the previous course we did in Aberlady in person.

I would highly recommend the training course if you were considering it!

Thanks so much Becky

– Nicole Walsh