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funky fidos dog training membership
You’ve made huge strides in your training, but what happens after training class?

Attending weekly classes kept you motivated, accountable and on track with your training, but will you keep going once classes end?!

Future-proof your training with our private membership

Invitation into this fun and funky membership group is only extended to special peeps who’ve undertaken training with us before. That’s how we keep the community such a friendly, supportive and meaningful place to be.

If you’re here, it means you’re on the invite list. Hurrah!

What’s inside the membership?

Monthly members only social events
Live Q&As
Hot seats
Fortnightly meet up for in person training sessions
Guest experts
Member’s community group
Lifetime access to online course content

For just £29 a month
Cancel anytime

A brilliant, supportive community

Funky Fidos is a brilliant, supportive community. Balto, Sam and I have learned so much from Becky and the gang; it’s great to have somewhere to chat about all our canine queries.

The regular Q&A and guest speaker sessions have given us all sorts of perspectives and ideas we’d never have thought of.

It’s been fab for Balto’s socialisation too. He loves getting out to explore the Lothians and play with his doggy pals!

– Alex

Monthly Members Only Socials

Our monthly meet-ups are a highlight to look forward to! Together we progress our training and learning in real-world environments.

You have me alongside you each month to help you tweak and finetune your training – so the hard work you’re putting in pays off.

Take a look at all these calm pups on our recent rucksack walk – an exercise designed to teach our dogs to relax, chill out and enjoy spending time with their humans.

Live Q&As

You’re invited to join fortnightly live sessions with me in the Zoom Room, where you can get your questions answered.

Having a trusted professional to turn to as soon as problems start or questions arise, means that we can nip things in the bud before things get hairy.

Hot seats

A hot seat is your opportunity to get 1-2-1 support (without the consultation cost! 🎉

Members can jump in the hot seat and explore a problem they’re facing with their dog. You’ll get my advice alongside other members also sharing their experiences and thoughts to help you move forwards.

These sessions are valuable for all members as when one person shares, everybody learns and expands their dog knowledge.

Please note – Sitting in the hot seat is optional, you’ll never be pushed into anything here!

Guest experts

Each month we are joined by a guest expert who shares their zone of genius with us.

Sometimes these are in-person events to try something new, such as mantrailing or scentwork, and other times they’re zoom events on valuable dog-centric topics.

Member’s community group

The community is completely ace! Everybody is very supportive, friendly and open about their personal experiences.

This safe space to share especially when you might be having a down day is worth its weight in gold.

You can post anytime you have a question or are struggling and your fellow members and I will be there to help you.

Lifetime access to online courses

As long as you’re a member, you will retain lifetime access to the vault of training videos and handouts in both the puppy and dog paradox training courses.

This allows you to go back and refresh your knowledge when you need it and share it with other members of the family – so you never fall off the wagon.

What are you waiting for?!

east coast dog training monthly membership dog training walk

Absolutely cannot praise Becky enough, her support, advice and tutoring was just what we needed.

She makes you realise training is life-long and actually a joy. A well-trained dog is a joy to all. Coco, my chocolate lab, loves her.

– Jane

Becky’s Funky Fido’s group has been great for Tas. He loves the social walks and the chance to mix with the other dogs, especially when it’s safe to let them off lead!

The well chosen guest speakers provide new ideas to challenge our thinking.
Everyone wants to do the best for their dogs and the group is very supportive. It’s helpful to know that we often share the same problems and challenges.

Thank you Becky!

– Eva

Becky and Funky Fido’s have been a great source of support with our young pooch.

It’s also been a fabulous way to meet other people with dogs of the same age and stage and to share problems, solutions and successes!

– Marion


Can I join with more than one dog?
Yes! You might know that I have SEVEN dogs of my own! If you live in a multi-dog household then I’m perfectly placed to help you with any tricky situations that may arise. Funky Fidos is a really affordable way for you to get ongoing support for all your dogs.

Please note you will only be able to bring one dog along to our social events, but you can rotate which of your dogs you bring each time!

Are the member’s walks different from the social butterfly walks?
Yes. These are members only events and are much more relaxed and are out in the local area. The social butterfly events are more structured training events held in enclosed fields.
Am I tied into monthly payments?

The membership operates on a monthly payment but you are not tied in. If you feel it’s not right for you or your financial situation changes, you can cancel anytime.

Remember this is vastly cheaper than having private 1-2-1 sessions with a trainer or attending a set of classes.

When are the live Q&As?
The live sessions are on Tuesday evenings via Zoom.

They’re all saved in our member portal so you can catch up on replays anytime and submit questions in advance if you can’t make a session.

Can all members of the family use the membership?
Yes! You are welcome to share your membership with your partner or others who live with your dog.

You can show up to the lives together or take turns – and you’ll all be able to access the paradox video vault.

Do you have more questions?

Send me an email at and let’s get them answered!