Impulse Control Training For Dogs: Calm Yer Beans!

Tame your wild beast without being a buzzkill

Does your dog

drive you barmy barking or jumping up for attention?

snatch and steal food or other items then run away?

rush off in excitement when something fun catches their attention?

If your dog is fizzy, frantic and full of beans then you may feel like their impulses are running the show! Their enthusiasm for fun, excitement and attention can be tamed – without killing their spirit.

Ready to learn how?

Becky will teach you how to use fun and games to power better listening, calm behaviour and impressive self control.

Teach your dog to control their impulses (even in the face of extreme excitement) without being a party pooper. Your dog will learn that controlling their impulses will bring the very best rewards…

Through fun dog training games you can do in minutes, your dog will learn to:
control their thieving impulses – no more snatching or stealing!
patiently wait – knowing the best things will follow
steadily stay – until you release them for fun
reliably leave things that aren’t theirs for the taking
seek permission before rushing off
keep close (even when their off lead)

Get your party animal tamed and under control